Generatia, ∞ este o comunicare tinuta la Simpozionul: Progres in Stiinta Calculatoarelor, PROCOMP’89, Bucuresti, 28-29 septembrie 1989


Generatia 5, infinit would suggest the necessity of creating a new technical accessory meant for achieving in a pragmatic and participative way, an anticipative philosophic vision approaching the latest possibilities of application in electronics and information . A comprehensive and interdisciplinary

conceptual background is compulsory in developing a new concept: the double-interface terminal, that attempt to realise the connection between the two different manners in approaching the real, the formal and the informal one, and finally leads to metadisciplinary definitions concerning human and natural sciences, as well. Implementation of a natural bio-feedback processor and of related test chains represents a second interface added to the usual one and implie mutual conditioning and cooperation.

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